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Writing your CV in the field of ICT

Rédaction de la lettre de présentation - Kinessor

Now that you know which position you want to apply for, it is important to create or update your resume.

This document (Word or PDF) is sent to employers to demonstrate your technical knowledge (IT or management, etc.), your professional experience, your studies and your related skills. It must be synthesized to be relevant and capture the attention, from start to finish.

Be honest in your resume and avoid embellishing reality. It should contain only facts. Companies can confirm what is written in your resume. Any document submitted to employers should be revised (syntax, level of writing, fonts, etc.)

Below is a list of suggestions for the sections that should be included in your curriculum vitae:

Personal information

  • Name and contact details

Career Objective

  • Detail the type of work sought

Computer skills (if relevant)

  • Indicate the number of years of experience for each competency

Work experience

  • Company Name
  • Month and year of beginning and end of employment
  • Job title or mandate
  • Key Achievements
  • Technological environment (if relevant)
  • List of technologies used (if relevant)

Studies (Put your studies before your experience if you are a junior candidate)

  • Reverse chronological order
  • Professional training
  • Certifications obtained

Additional experience

  • Language skills
  • Professional Affiliations
  • Professional order


  • Indicate that references will be provided upon request.


  • Enter your name and page numbers on your resume