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Your data
deserves the best.

Our team of data center experts apply all their knowledge to your infrastructure. They are competent, dedicated, and effective. Intervening according to best practices, they are mindful of the security and integrity of your business data.

Our data center services

Kinessor has the necessary experience to assist you or to take charge of your data center projects.

  • Needs identification, analysis, case studies, and feasibility studies
  • Cost/benefit analysis (tier 1-2-3 evaluation) and return on investment
Administration and management
  • Master plan development
  • Life cycle management
  • Project management for migrating or deploying solutions
  • Documentation
  • Solution design
  • Data center architecture evaluation
  • Data center multi-site planning
  • Creation of an alternate site
  • Planning the infrastructure (equipment, robustness, virtualization, consolidation)
  • Creation of a contingency plan
  • Data center infrastructure auditing
  • Total cost of ownership studies for various scenarios
  • Drafting of a network architecture
Implantation and deployment
  • Upgrades / Updates
  • Deployment
  • Implantation
  • Data center migration
  • Development and implementation of management and monitoring tools
  • Securing infrastructures
  • Upskilling your team
  • Transfer of knowledge
  • Complete technical documentation
Proposals and calls for tenders
  • Strategic planning (master plan)
  • Purchase planning
  • Writing technical specifications for calls for tender
  • Total cost of ownership study for possible scenarios

Managed services

A progressive maintenance and monitoring offer for your infrastructures enhances each of our expertise centers. You can count on our proactivity, availability, and speed.

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Our services, your projects.

Your business data is precious. Kinessor offers dedicated and certified personnel with a mastery of the market’s best practices. Here is an overview of the types of interventions:

  • Consolidating and moving data centers
  • Interconnection between data centers
  • Infrastructure consolidation and hyper convergence
  • Turnkey support for your migration to a data center
  • Writing your architecture’s documentation or updating it
  • Analysis and recommendation of different manufacturer solutions depending on your infrastructure and needs
  • Creation of integrated infrastructures
  • Writing, execution, and monitoring of a contingency plan
Ensure the security and integrity of your data.
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