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Our consultants are always available to design and implement solutions that are tailor-made for your organization. Our highly qualified resources are experienced in architecture, security, data integrity, as well as cloud-based solutions.

Our system services

Kinessor has an extensive experience to support your needs in data and files sharing that are critical for your business.

  • Analysis of baseline requirements
  • Case study
  • Assessment
  • Optimization
Administration and management
  • Road Map
  • Life cycle management
  • System upgrade and maintenance
  • Brake and fix
  • Proactive technology monitoring
  • Health check
  • Total cost of ownership with multiple options presented
  • Low and high level design architecture based on individual requirements
  • Architectural comparative analysis (centralized, distributed, cloud and hybrid)
Implementation and execution
  • Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Migration to new or updated platforms
  • Development and implementation of managed services
  • System optimization
  • Application of industry best practices
  • In depth knowledge transfer
  • Change management process implementation
  • Advanced technical training
Proposals, Request For Proposal
  • System survey & audit
  • High level architecture design
  • Support for technical quotes as well as request for proposal
  • Technical road map

Managed services

If you need a reliable, high-availability system, we can provide you with maintenance and monitoring services that evolve with your needs. Proactivity, reliability, availability, and speed of intervention.

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NOC 27/7

Our services, your projects.

Our System expertise centre has a deep knowledge to support all your needs in business information management following the best market practises :

  • On prem to cloud migration (O365)
  • Support, first step and system guidance for O365
  • Governance for business files storage
  • System optimization (Cloud, on site and hybrid)
  • Technology watch outline
  • Architecture optimization
  • Governance report
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