Remote work –
How to quickly implement collaboration tools in 3 steps

There are various collaboration tools available on the market today. And when adapted to your specific business needs, they greatly increase organizational efficiency.

Here are 3 steps to quickly and efficiently pick the right tools to ensure optimal digital collaboration.

Step 1 : Assessing your needs

It only takes a few minutes for a specialized company to ask you a series of questions in order to find the solution that best meets your needs. This step is essential to help you select the tools you need to get the results you expect.

Voici quelques questions types qui vous seront posées :


1. Your needs

  • Are your familiar with collaboration tools?
  • Do your employees need to access systems inside your company’s network?
  • Do your resources need to access your organization’s phone system?
  • Do you need solutions related to virtual meetings and videoconferencing?
  • Do your operations require file sharing and live chat?
  • Has your company adopted a BYOD (bring your own device) policy?
  • Do you need us to review your telecommunications infrastructure?


2. Your network connection type

  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Direct connect gateways for the use of business telephony on mobile devices or laptops without a VPN connection
  • Cloud solutions


Required for the project:

  • Overview of your company’s current infrastructure architecture
  • Inventory of the company’s equipment as well as determining which phone and internet links are available and which ones are required
  • Planning, if needed, for the purchase of equipment/software/licences required to implement the solution

Step 2 : Implementing the chosen solution

When your company has selected the tool it wants to use, the next step is to implement and personalize this service. Depending on which solution has been chosen, we will be able to configure a variety of options in line with the needs defined in the previous step. It’s important to follow best practices and to maintain detailed documentation that can serve as a future reference for your teams.

Companies such as Kinessor that are specialized in collaboration tools will be able to work side by side with your teams to quickly implement the solution that meets your specific needs.

Step 3 : Training users and implementing the solution

Once the solution has been installed and optimized, employees will be trained on how to use the new tools at their disposal. There are several training options available: on site, virtual classroom, etc.

Furthermore, your staff will be able to consult a training guide whenever they need.

We recommend a post-implementation support to answer any questions users may have and to support your IT department. Certain advanced features designed to evolve in line with your operational needs might require post-implementation support.

In closing, it is now very easy to access information and collaboration tools are simple to use. There’s no reason not to integrate this technology into your organization. Your employees will be able to work remotely without disrupting your operations. In fact, your teams will develop a synergy that will result in closer collaboration.

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