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Auberge du Dragon Rouge for a gourmet dinner with Kinessor!

Auberge du Dragon rouge - Kinessor

Last Friday, Kinessor’s team went to the Auberge du Dragon Rouge for a gourmet dinner. It’s a thematic restaurant with a festive medieval atmosphere. The decoration, the food and the emphasis of the waiters plunge us into a world of another era.

Auberge du Dragon Rouge - Kinessor

As a starter, we had a soup prepared with love by the cooks. For dinner, Kinessor employees had the choice between eating a meat pie, a confit duck leg or a candied wild boar sausage. Then for dessert, we tasted a Bailey flavored cake with dark chocolate. Two beverages were also offered to all. Attention, since we lived in another era, it was also necessary to respect the traditions of the time; it means, to eat without utensils! Yes, we had to eat with our hands! To order food, we also had to scream – innkeeper! In addition, during the dinner the employees live a scenario during which King Louis VII seeks a double to marry his wife in his place. We had to find which employee would make the perfect double of King Louis VII.

Therefore, we can say that our experience at the Auberge du Dragon Rouge was very funny and appreciated by the employees!

The Kinessor Social Club regularly organizes activities to resemble employees. Would you like to be part of the Kinessor adventure?