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Kinessor supports Bowvember from Procure

Kinessor supports Procure for the third year in a row. This year, Marie-José Lalande, president of Kinessor, became ambassador of Bowvember for the Procure Foundation.

” I’m raising money to support the fight against Prostate Cancer. Some of you know that I have a good friend who fought cancer a few years ago as well as my uncle. I invite you to buy the beautiful bow tie and to wear it proudly. Thank you very much for your support. ”

PROCURE is a self-help organization that carries various information about prostate cancer for men.

The Kinessor Social Club organized a wine and cheese event to celebrate our company’s support for this cause.

You can follow the progress of Kinessor in donations, click here.

To donate to Marie-José Kinessor’s group, click here.