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Centre of expertise for Wireless Solutions

Through its center of expertise, KinEssor has adapted wireless solutions to the clients business model. Its team of experts is available to design, analyze, deploy, and even manage the wireless solutions.

The center of expertise provides the structure to control the area, monitor developments, and offer appropriate services.


  • Appropriate environment optimization: density, distance, quality, performance, Geo-location;
  • Improve the quality by adjusting the channels and powers for some data rates optimized;
  • Spectral analysis and interference location: microwave, video transmitter, radar, bio-medical equipment.


  • Consulting and Integration of  standardized Robust Security Networks;
  • Auditing and intrusion testing.


  • Mastery of the field, IP PBX, wireless and network infrastructure, client devices;
  • Problem solving: tests adapted, analysis protocol, configuration-side infrastructure and client recommendation.

Types of intervention:

  • Analysis of customer needs functional and technical specifications
  • On-Site Survey, predictive or suggestive;
  • Deployment and configuration;
  • Training on the WiFi  (CWNP) and transfer of manufacturer knowledge;
  • Infrastructure Cloud turnkey, wireless outsourcing and/or support.


  • Council and intervention on the different solutions on the market;
  • Control of the domain, the client infrastructure and its applications: BYOD, MDM, MAM;
  • Monitoring and certification for all types of architecture: centralized, distributed, cloud;
  • Intervention with reference analysis tools in the market.