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Telecommunication and infrastructure consulting

IT infrastructure (information systems, networks, applications, databases, security systems and data storage) grew to such an extent that it has become an essential, if not a core requirement, to the success of an organization.

To this structure, new technologies were introduced to facilitate access to information (VPN, VoIP, Web Services, etc.). In order to maintain this level of increased efficiency, the company must keep its systems to date and cope with their ever-growing complexity.                                                      

KinEssor expertise in this area can manage these impacts so you can remain in control of your network infrastructure. To meet your particular needs, KinEssor offers a full range of telecommunications services, covering:

  • Telecommunication and infrastructure requirement study
  • Telecommunication and infrastructure specifications write up
  • Telephony
  • Networking (LAN / WAN)
  • Computer Security
  • Wireless solution : Centre of expertise
  • Telecommunications consulting support

KinEssor can participate in improving the infrastructure and applications related to the telecommunications aspect of your business.