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Project Management Office

When an organization manages a large amount of projects in its environment, it becomes important to define standardized management mechanisms that enable to properly document, track and monitor them in order to allow the organization to support and make relevant decisions in regards to them. As such, the project management office is a unit that is meant to fulfill this role. Whether it’s for the development or the evolution of a business solution, it is essential to identify all the components, the tools and techniques required to achieve associated with them.

KinEssor can assist your organization in this approach by implementing the right size solution to fit your organization. We provide a toolkit that allows the small to medium size organization to quickly implement all the elements of a project office and tailored to your need. With the help of our SMEs, we can define your entire technology portfolio associated with your business objectives and adjust them to your changing business realities.

Recognizing that successful implementation of such a unit is also achieved through the buy in of your resources, KinEssor will work with the stakeholders at all stages of the process. Whether in terms of procedures and / or tools, your office projects will be tailored to your needs.

Our SMEs will provide services in the following activities to assist you:

  • Evaluation of business needs in terms of project office
  • Identification of barriers and risks related to the initiative
  • Mentoring and / or office management support to projects
  • Establishing a project office

Toolkit content

  • Preconfigured Toolbox containing all pertinent elements
  • Structured method approach
  • All in one solution for your organization (methods, procedures and tools)
  • Quick customization of forms

You can rest assure that KinEssor will help you achieve your project management office.