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Project Management Framework

Depending on the size of the company, the use of sound project management practice is essential to the achievement of business objectives and the success thereof. With a team of experts and a predefined toolbox, KinEssor can quickly implement the structure and supervision required for the success of a project and this, from start to finish.

From the initiation phase of a project until its closure, our consultants will assist you in establishing the components required for the analysis, planning and control of a project. Be it the strategy, the implementation approach, the processes and tools of project management, all parameters will be examined and considered in order to provide a tailored solution for you organization.

Our project management toolbox already contains all the essential elements to ensure the management and monitoring of the project. In addition, the assistance of our senior consultants will introduce you to the tool and its use. All required forms can be quickly adapted to reflect your organization.

Consulting services associated with this solution

  • Mentoring on project management and toolkit usage
  • Setup of a specific customer project
  • Adapt the project management toolkit to the client's reality

Toolkit content

  • Preconfigured Toolbox containing all pertinent elements
  • Structured method approach
  • All in one solution for your organization (methods, procedures and tools)
  • Quick customization of forms

Through its experience and expertise, KinEssor can contribute to your success.