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Our Team

KinEssor is supported by a team of resources working either as consultants at our customer sites or within our internal Head Office team.

Permanent Employees and contractual Consultants

KinEssor consulting team (permanent employees and contractual consultants) is composed of individuals who are recognized for their expertise, reliability, flexibility, efficiency. Our consultants cover a range of areas which include project management, telecommunications, business intelligence and web development.

Head office team

KinEssor has a dynamic head office team that cover sales, recruitment and administration. Our sales team ensures that we understand the timely needs of our customers and offer them solutions / services directly related to these.

Our recruiting team, meanwhile, are mandated to find the right match of resources able to perform each of the mandates entrusted to us at the highest quality and efficiency for our customers. This team can also assist our clients in their internal staff recruitment.

Finally, our administrative staff (accounting, marketing, human resources and administrative support) provides support to other team members for all matters relating to the administrative side of KinEssor.


Marie-José Lalande

President and CEO

After having worked in several major IT companies, Marie-Jose Lalande became the sole owner of KinEssor in 2005. She reviews the business model and adjusts the organization to respond to her field observations and market knowledge. She incorporates training services and specialized IT resources to a range of consulting services and technological solutions, including among other application development, network infrastructure, telephony, security and governance.


Relations facilitator for 10 years, Marie-José Lalande is passionate and dedicated individual bent on finding and resolving professional challenges for herself, management consultants, IT consultants and customers. Her years of experience acquired with customers in recognize Québec companies have allowed her to develop a winning formula to offer within her company, the best match between the services offered and the needs of its customers.


Pierre Gariépy

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Seasoned manager, Pierre Gariépy has over 33 years’ experience in IT, including 26 years in consulting. His expertise is strongly oriented towards the delivery systems and customer services. His leadership has been used time and time again in delivering projects with a high element of risk or requiring significant adjustments. Having worked in both private enterprises as well as large consulting firms, he held several high level management positions in regards to project/program management, service delivery, project management office and risk management.


He joined KinEssor in 2010 as a partner to integrate and incorporates his expertise into the organization. He serves as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for KinEssor. He is responsible for the administrative and financial aspects of the company in addition to implementing the strategies of the company.