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Our Commitment

Commitment to our customers

Because every client is different and has its own issues, needs and organizational context, it is the mission of KinEssor to serve him in an equally unique and customized fashion. Within this context KinEssor will:

  • Clearly identify and recognize the real need of our customers and not just address the symptoms;
  • Propose the optimal solution based on the financial, organizational and policy of the client;
  • Develop a winning business relationship based on the quality of human relationship which will transpire in competence, integrity, transparency and professionalism.                           

Commitment to our staff

Because each staff member has their own needs and expectations of his work, it is essential for KinEssor develop a unique and valued relationship with each of them.

For each permanent employee, KinEssor will:

  • Set a career path tailored to needs and expectations;
  • Provide an enabling environment to achieve it;
  • Always strive for challenges that meet expectations;
  • Mentor, train and support resources in his actions and new challenges;
  • Offer a corporate culture that seeks synergy, networking and a sense of belonging.

For each freelance consultant KinEssor will:

  • Insure the challenges meet expectations;
  • Provide remuneration tailored to its needs;
  • Provide, where needed, training to enable a better implementation of its interventions.

Commitment to candidates

Because each candidate is unique and has its own skills and abilities, it is essential for KinEssor maintain a professional relationship in order accomplish our role as facilitator of relationships between our clients and himself. KinEssor will:

  • Assimilate the profile of the candidate;
  • Define the type of mandate for the candidate according to their needs, expectations and expertise;
  • Provide tools in order to seek new mandates;
  • Provide support and coaching in job hunting.