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Information Technology Master Plan

The IT master plan is a plan that usually covers the Information technology evolution of an organization over a 3 to 5 years period. Its objective is to establish and determine the path and steps to move from the current situation (in terms of hardware, networks and information systems) in order to meet the forward looking  IT requirements .

The IT master plan guides and prioritizes all activities and all IT projects that are required to meet the strategic plan of the company and its business needs. This forward plan also allows a rough estimate of the human resource needs and financial requirements for its implementation and to establish the return on investment during its implementation.

KinEssor as designed IT master plans for many of our customers and particularly in the field of health and education. Our company uses a proven methodology that ensures we meet the objectives at each stage of the mandate with rigor and quality. The methodology is also tailored to the specific contextual area where the operation is performed.

The project is usually conducted in three major activities:

  1. Analyze and document the current situation in terms of information technology;
  2. Defining the direction that the client will want to achieve in the master plan;
  3. Document the outsourcer mandate and participate in his selection.

KinEssor will develop your IT master plan in line with your strategic business plan.