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Human Resource Support

Whether you need to fill a strategic or sensitive position or one that requires a specific skill set, KinEssor can meet your need.

We achieve this goal by the use of a talent research prospecting service headed by a team of recruitment experts. Our professional and confidential approach is your guarantee to find the best resource.

We start by defining the skills required by your organization and then translated into a job profile. We then use all our research techniques and tools to identify the most suitable match. Subsequently, we conduct behavioral and/or technical interviews to finalize the screening process of the candidates.

Within the candidate selection process, we understand how important it is to validate the criteria’s in regards to:

  • The technical skills;
  • The work experience and expertise;
  • The teamwork skills;
  • The corporate culture fit;
  • The presentation and communication skills.

With our experienced staff and recruitment process we can effectively succeed in meeting your organizational needs. Here is an overview of our recruitment process:

  1. Define the full skill set profile requirement;
  2. Implement a research strategy and direct approach;
  3. Potential candidate identification;
  4. Candidate pre-selection;
  5. Candidate evaluation and qualification;
  6. Client Interview(s);
  7. Candidate back checking;
  8. Job offers and negotiation;
  9. Employment integration.

To achieve this, KinEssor will:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of your situation and your needs
  • Engage in an in-depth prequalification process (interview, testing and references)
  • Make you benefit from its excellent network of contacts
  • Incorporate your strategic goals related to the position to be filled
  • Provide an unbiased presentation of all the candidates with their strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide peace of mind with an adequate warranty and on-going monitoring

 KinEssor is proud to assist you in fulfilling your human resources requirements!